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CEBC hosts more than 12 special events throughout the year presenting a good networking opportunity for members to interact with prominent figures from different business sectors. Events such as luncheons, dinners and roundtable discussions allow our members and guests to hear the views of major political and business figures. CEBC also organizes international business and economic conferences, and hosts breakfast briefings with visiting dignitaries and local officials.


CEBC 15 committees, each focusing on a particular sector or area of interest, provide a forum for CEBC members to raise issues about the business climate. Prominent guest speakers from the government, international agencies and the private sector are invited to discuss issues of concern or provide updates on new developments and regulations all aiming to encourage trade and improve the Egyptian business environment.

Trade Mission:

CEBC Trade missions to Canada (Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto) represent a cornerstone of CEBC’s proactive approach. The mission is usually headed by an Egyptian Minister as well as representatives of different concerned ministries, government officials and business veterans in different sectors. The goal of our mission is to portray the business atmosphere in Egypt to the Canadian side, attempting to find ways to increase bilateral trade, also to establish and reinforce the relationship between the two countries. Our meetings serve to introduce new companies to these rapidly expanding markets as well as to enhance Egypt-Canada relations, and are crucial in presenting the private sector’s views, updating the Canadian government and business community on the recent economic and political changes in Egypt and exploring potential areas of cooperation. The mission is intended to assist the participants’ experienced companies doing more business through holding one-on-one meetings, conferences with premium Canadian counterparts in addition to a special event with the Egyptian business community.

CEBC Website:

CEBC website is an attractive channel for reaching your target customers from an audience of high-quality, business-oriented viewers. We offer Ads placement with competitive prices and special discounted rates for our members. High profile companies both in Egypt and Canada, primarily in the fields of banking, health, IT and tourism, have already placed banner ads on our website.

CEBC Newsletter:

CEBC newsletter is a bimonthly publication that covers a broad spectrum of political and economic subjects of relevance to Egyptian and Foreign investors, interviews with leading figures representing success stories in business and a special section covering CEBC events and activities. It is distributed mainly to CEBC members, guests, different business arenas such as banks, hotels, embassies, ministries and governmental agencies in both Egypt and Canada.
CEBC members are entitled to special advertising rates.

CEBC Directory:

All members & their companies are featured in this complete cross referenced directory, providing addresses, phone numbers, corporate descriptions and other useful information. The directory also lists government ministries and other authorities in both Egypt and Canada and is published annually and referred to by thousands of Egyptians & international users.
The directory serves as a marketing tool helping other companies to post their Ads and special announcements ensuring they will be viewed by top-notch business professionals in Egypt and in Canada and at competitive prices.

CEBC Membership:

CEBCs’ activities focus on the needs of its members, who are drawn primarily from the private sector, these companies operate in Egypt and have significant connections to Canada. Member companies include Egyptian and Canadian firms and multinationals as well as not-for-profit organizations. The Membership Services Department conducts orientation meetings to familiarize new members with CEBC’s full range of activities and benefits. Through the department’s Quality Benefits Program, member companies receive special services or preferential discounts to fellow CEBC members, hotels, restaurants and airfares.

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