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Soft Power & Smart Power.. Egypt Talking To The World
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Mr. Samir Morcos / Dr. Abdel Moneim Said
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By virtue of its civilization and history, Egypt has enormous components of culture, literature, thought, science & arts, which in its entirety has produced a great soft force that has had a significant impact in the past on its Arab, African, Mediterranean and International environment. However, developments throughout the twentieth century have led to a marked decline in the investment of this force to serve its national, regional and international interests. Today, Egypt is rebuilding its national state and is reviving the influence of its soft power and developing it to become a smart force that combines this power with its emerging economic and human capabilities through the hands of youth & women and in a modern speech that brings it back to the global agenda and contributes effectively to facing serious intellectual challenges and strengthening Egypt's economic and political interests.
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