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The CEBC was launched as a non-governmental organization NGO on May 2002. It is committed to foster growth in business interests between Canadians and Egyptians as well as acting as an organization that bridges, interacts and communicates with the community of Canadian-Egyptians across Canada.

Canadian Egyptian relations flourished in the past 40 years with a number of major Canadian corporations having a presence in the Egyptian market such as Nortel, SNC Lavalin, Four Seasons and Air Canada. Canadian government Organizations such as the Export Development Corporation (EDC) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) are actively contributing their aid and assistance to the Egyptian economy. In fact Egypt is the second largest recipient of CIDA assistance.

Furthermore over the past forty years immigration to Canada has led to the establishment of a vibrant educated professional community of Egyptian origin estimated population at 70,000 across the principal cities in Canada.

While this may not appear as large, it is significant when one takes into account that the population of Canada amounts to 33 million and that this immigrant Egyptian population consists primarily of educated professionals. Some individuals have reached leading positions in the Canadian business community and government. We have been informed that this community is well regarded in Canada because of their success in adapting and contributing to the economy in Canada.

The concept of the CEBC as an organization with its objective in mind is therefore a concept long overdue to capitalize on this unique situation thereby differentiating the CEBC from other active chambers.

This implies that while the focus in other chambers and councils has predominantly been on enhancing business, between two countries; the CEBC board recognizes that its role transcends the business objective and also offers services to enhance interaction between Egypt and Canada and focuses on acting as a bridge in all fields with the Canadian Egyptians.  It is important for CEBC to act as a catalyst and interact and communicate in the domains of business, tourism, trade, education and culture to transfer the “know how” and expertise which we need to develop in Egypt.

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